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42 Great and not so Great Years

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53 yrs ago Uncle Sam asked me if I would like to fly Helicopter.

So in Nov. 1965 It was off to Basic training at Fort Dix then Flight school and two tours in Vietnam. Off active duty in 1972 and into the guard and reserves until 2006.

After I retired (or at least I thought I did) I was recalled in 2008 and did my thing in Balad Iraq. During my last tour with the 34th Cav in Iraq they told me I was the oldest person in the task force.

Flew with the 1st Cav 67-68 and D/3/4cav 25th ID and 117 AHC during 1971, Grew up as a military Brat and moved all over, Dad was A CSMG. Flew offshore in the civilian life and
hung up my spurs with over 14,000 hrs combined military and Civilian aircraft.

Now I spend my time rebuilding a 1937 Hudson Terraplane.

It’s been one hell of a ride…

-Gordon Eatley

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