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My First Combat Assault 1/502 Screaming Eagles

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B Company 1/502 Inf 101st Airborne Division was airlifted into an AO northwest of Cu Chi in early January 1968. We went along with the rest of the 1st Battalion.

The area we were dropped in was peppered with 155m and 105mm artillery rounds before landing.. We hit the LZ and took some light fire and responded with F-4 Phantoms. Some of the shrapnel landed pretty close.

We found many booby traps and fresh signs of VC presence. D Co made heavy contact, later we all set up for the night.

All NDP’s were hit by mortars during the night.

Early morning brought rocket attacks on A & D co. During daylight hours we conducted search and destroy missions. C co came under heavy attack and B co moved to support them and also came under heavy fire (1 MIA). The 4th and 5th brought more search and destroy. B co linked up with a tank and returned to the area to look for the MIA and we found him KIA.

Then it was back to basecamp. Our first combat assault left us with 36 WIA & 8 KIA, the enemy has 27 KIA & 2 WIA (POW) –

-Ronny Ymbras 101st ABN 1/502 RVN 67-68

Vietnam Veteran/Author of Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

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