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My Interview for a Vietnam War School Project

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Something strange happened today, a friends daughter asked to interview me about the Vietnam war for a school project. She asked questions and I answered in the appropriate terms as she is just 12 years old. She thanked me and said I was Incredible and she was a FAN.

That gave me a warm feeling inside, I needed that, yeah we all need that sometimes. I’m no hero as some people say but I am a human person and I , WE all need that boost sometimes.

In a closing remark she asked for I said this to her…

I said that war is not something that is desirable for the people who are in the war, but it seems to be something that humans do a lot of, if the people that start the wars ( the politicians and leaders ) if they had to go and do the fighting and dying themselves I don’t think there would be very many WARS …

-Terry Morgan
4th Inf Div, 4th MP Company RVN – 3/26/67 to 3/26/68

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