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2 Reasons to Smile in your Photos from Vietnam

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If you’re smiling in your photos from Vietnam it’s usually because of two reasons:

1) You’re scared shitless and you’re out of your mind.

2) You’re not close enough to Charlie for #1 to apply to you.

Most of the time we looked like this. This particular photo of myself is the “I’ve been in a gun pit in South Vietnam and haven’t slept in 3 months because we’re getting mortared every night” look.

I was given the blessing and curse of being assigned to a battery that was composited of three 105mm towed guns and three 155mm towed guns. I was wireman, team chief, then section chief on one of the 105s. Because of its light weight and ability to be transported via helocopter along with ammunition to almost anywhere in such short notice I didn’t get to stay at base camp long.

This post is in memory of those KIA with the 2nd Howitzer Battalion 13th Artillery Red Dragons

-SSG Robert Andrue Moore 2nd Howitzer Battalion 13th Artillery based out of Phu Loi October 1966/1967

May 1, 2018
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