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Small World, in Country…

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While on in country R&R in May of 1968 in Vũng Tàu I happened to meet up with a guy I knew from high school.  Who would have thought that I would travel halfway around the world and run into a classmate.

I was in a massage parlor talking to the masseuse and from the next booth I heard “hey are you Ronny Ymbras?, yes I replied.

He then said are you from Yonkers, NY?

I didn’t recognize him at first not seeing someone from home in over a year and all.

He was Herb Hudas from Yonkers High School! That was pretty strange but we had a good few hours after that. Who would have thought I would run into Herb 11,000 miles away from school and the world we grew up in.

-Ronny Ymbras

1/502 101st Airborne

RVN 67-68

Author of Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

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