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The Ox Cart

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1st Battalion 502nd Inf 101st Airborne Division made a combat assault, this was 1968 in the Cu Chi AO, A B C and D Companies were part of the operation. A & B Co’s found many BBT’s and fresh signs of Charlie’s presence.



While patrols continued the next day leaving a rice paddy and about to cross a road we engaged a few farm vehicles. Captain Pritchard, B Co’s boss (former SF) was interviewing  one of the Vietnamese (he spoke the language) and we discovered that they had weapons in the ox carts.



It was hard to get some straight answers from Victor Charlie. The VC were spread out and under guard when all of a sudden gun fire in the distance spooked the oxen. One Ox took off running forward and trampled one of the detainees. After that answers began to flow.

The detainee was okay.

-Ronny Ymbras 101st ABN 1/502 RVN 67-68

Vietnam Veteran/Author of Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

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